• Offer In Compromise

    The Offer in Compromise program is very complex and time-consuming, sometimes taking as little as six months and other times as much as two years. I will evaluate your qualification for an Offer in Compromise. Once your qualifications are established, I will negotiate the best settlement for you.

    IRS tax debt
  • IRS Penalty Abatement

    The IRS assesses and will continue to accrue penalties and interest on tax liabilities. These accrueing penalties and interest are major obsticles in paying off a tax liability. I will prepare, submit and negotiate a professional and knowledgeable penalty abatement request for you that will save you money and sanity.

    tax repayment
  • Formal IRS Pay Plan

    The IRS will, and does, grant affordable monthly payment plans. Don't let the IRS set a payment plan on their terms. I can successfully negotiate a payment plan to fit comfortably within your budget.

    tax settlement
  • Tax Preparation

    Individual and business, federal and state tax returns professionally prepared correctly and quickly at an affordable price. Refunds received in as little as 10 day. Past years tax returns can be prepared if necessary. Flexible arrangements can be made to provide me with your information, you do not have to change your daily schedule. No return is too simple or too complex for me to handle.

    IRS tax relief

Client said, "Tommy took what was a very scary process for us and made it easy."

Client said, "He was extremely nice, patient and above all knowledgeable on the whole process."

Client said, "We were at our wits end and did not know where to turn for help."

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IRS Powers

IRS lien The IRS Can:     Seize your personal bank accounts without court order, seize assets such as your retirement accounts, insurance policies, even your home.

Don't Hide

IRS debt YOUR TAX PROBLEMS WILL NOT GO AWAY and will likely escalate, along with your financial and emotional stress. Call today to take the critical step toward a successful tax resolution.

Don't Wait

IRS collection YOU CAN'T AFFORD TO WAIT.     An IRS agents job is to collect on your liability as quickly and aggressively as possible. The IRS agent assigned to your case is not your advocate - I am on your side.